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Operating Plan

American Intermodal Transport was formed to provide high-quality intermodal delivery service utilizing the latest in technology with an emphasis on customer service and driver retention. AIT was incorporated in December, 2005, purchased property in January, 2006, and began trucking in February, 2006. AIT began operations with one truck and has grown its team of owner-operators to 14.

It is AIT's belief that communication is essential to operating a quality intermodal delivery service. We work hard to ensure that customers know when a container is going to be delivered and if there are any problems that may delay delivery. AIT is currently developing custom information systems to provide customers with real-time, on-line access to information about their containers.

In order to retain drivers, AIT instituted a three-tier plan: excellent pay, safety bonus plan and civil communication with drivers. We are proud that since beginning operations in February, 2006, not one driver has chosen to leave the company. We also have a near perfect safety record with no accidents and no moving violations by our drivers. We believe that by emphasizing driver retention we can provide a consistently higher quality service than our competitors.

AIT's initial plan was to only provide intermodal delivery service. However, during 2006 AIT began providing warehousing, inventory and order fulfillment services for Aquatimax, an on-line retailer of swim team supplies. AIT is working Aquatimax's parent company, MaxSource, to further develop these logistics services for other small on-line marketing companies.

AIT's facilities include the home office, a 1.5 acre storage yard and a small warehouse. The storage yard is enclosed with a commercial grade fence topped with barbed wire. Access to the yard is controlled by an electronic gate that utilizes an RFID card access system. The warehouse is currently a small metal building next door to the main office. We currently have an additional 1.0 acre of unused land available for yard expansion and another 1.0 acre which can be used for office and/or warehouse expansion.

American Intermodal Transport would love to do business with your company. We encourage to try us out and confirm for yourself that we provide the level of service we promote.