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Mission Statement

American Intermodal Transport, Inc. was established with, and remains dedicated to, the concept of mutual success for our customers, our drivers and our company. Our mission consists of four interrelated parts:

Service Mission

We pledge to:
  • Provide timely and reasonably priced delivery and pickup of intermodal shipping containers.
  • Remember that our customers are the reason for our existence, not an obstacle to our success.
  • Know who our customers are so we can help them to accomplish their goals and aspirations. Only by helping others to achieve their goals can we realize our own.
  • Treat every customer with the utmost respect.
  • Promote and implement innovative ideas to better serve our customers.

Corporate Family Mission

We pledge to:
  • Remember that those who work with us are our backbone and our future.
  • Offer the finest financial packages possible to every member of our corporate family.
  • Help our corporate family members to realize their career and personal goals wherever we can. Each of these people has their own aspirations and dreams and by helping them to realize them we show our dedication and devotion to those who work with us.
  • Promote the principle of keeping God first, family second, and work third by establishing a positive environment and company policies that encourage good character and a strong family life.

Monetary Mission

We pledge to:
  • Operate using sound financial principals. Only by making good fiscal decisions will the company thrive in order to fulfill the rest of our Mission.
  • Provide a solid return on the owners' investments by being faithful stewards of what has been entrusted to us.
  • Remember that making money is important, but is not the only reason for our existence.

Faith Mission

We pledge to:
  • Maintain integrity in our personal and business lives as this is essential if we wish to continue to receive God's blessings for us and for our business.
  • Be accountable to ourselves, to those we work with, to those we work for, and to God.
  • Be a blessing to those around us as God has put us where we are today for just that reason.