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ETRAK Is AIT's Exclusive "Container Track and Trace" software. As an AIT Customer you can log into our web site at any time and check the status of all of your containers. From the time we receive the order to the time it's dropped back at the rail you can track the container's location. What's more, we'll notify you, and any of your employees, at each step of the job.

Proof of Delivery is also provided on-line. We post a scanned copy of the actual POD on our web site. When you need a POD just click and print. It's that easy.

Want to see it in action? You can log in as a "demo" customer and see for yourself. Click the ETRAK link at the top of the left menu. At the log in screen use:
    company: demo,     Login ID: demo,     and password: password.

ETRAK Help Text

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    Proof of Delivery
    E-Mail Notifications

ETRAK is your tool to track and trace your containers. You can look at all of your containers, or certain ones, or those in a particular "status".

ETRAK is very easy to use. The first time you come to the screen all of your containers will be listed. That may be all that you need. If you want to target certain information, here's how the screen works:

PROOF OF DELIVERY (POD): Each time a POD is received it is scanned and stored on the AIT computer. When we have a POD on file you'll see a POD link at the right end of the container row. Click on that link to see the POD in a separate window.

POD's are stored as PDF files. You'll need Acrobat Reader to view POD's. That's a stadard feature on almost all computers but can be downloaded if you don't have it.

ETRAK HISTORY: At every step of a PRO order's life the software logs history. If you see a HIST link it means that you can view this history.

ETRAK E-MAIL Notifications: If you'd like to receive an e-mail notification when a container moves, just let us know.

E-mails can be sent to as many people as you want. You can also specify which e-mails each person receives. You may have one person that wants notifications at every step in a container's history. You may also have people who only want notifiation of certain events, like a delivery or a return.

The events that a person can be notified of are:
      Order received
      Appointment made
      Container pulled
      Rail Billed